FabFrame Pixel - Dynamic Light-Box Display

FabFrame Pixel is a our new generation display, that combines textile printed images with illuminated motion effects to create dynamic animations. FabFrame Pixel will bring your light-box displays to life and enhance the customer experience.

FabFrame Pixel incorporates addressable LED's that offer a bright vivid output with the added benefit of low power consumption and long life expectancies. FabFrame Pixel will transform your light-box installation and allow you to create your perfect product showcase.



FabFrame Pixel offers endless creative options from the most subtle effect to impressive, colourful motions or even animated effects. All this is possible with the versatile FabFrame Pixel.


For more information on our FabFame Pixel email info@progressdisplay.co.uk

Or if your looking for a low cost plug & play alternative why not take a look at our FABFRAME PIXIE. This product offers over 300 built-in presets and can control over 500 addressable pixels.