The Pixlip GO system is the perfect product when you want to get your message out quickly and make a real impression.

The PIXLIP GO principle

Based on a lightweight kit.
For quick, easy set-up and dismantling, no tools or technical knowledge is required.

Pixlip GO is the perfect product for your illuminated marketing needs.



The Pixlip GO system is our new Roll Up light box system that is quick and easy to deploy time and time again.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology Go is extremely lightweight and easy to transport or move around.

Every promotional message gets the attention it deserves, where and when you need it.



Thanks to the lightweight construction, the Pixlip GO system is made of plastic. It is extremely easy to transport. Whether in a practical shipping box or in a comfortable carrying case every GO frame fits easily in to any trunk.



High-efficiency, high bright LED modules guarantee a homogeneous illumination of the textile prints and thus generate maximum attention for your marketing message. The simple plug and play connectors add to the ease of use.



Printed textiles make every Pixlip GO frame is unique:

If your message changes, the textile print covers can be exchanged quickly and easily. Making your Pixlip GO system a cost effective investment.


Discover The Possibilities

As a modular system, Pixlip GO offers users universal design freedom.

The different frame sizes can be combined as desired, so that the system can respond to any changing requirements at any time.

Depending on the size of the advertising campaign, any number of individual combinations is only limited by the available space.



1,000 x 1,000 mm

With a height of 1000 mm, the Pixlip GO Lightbox 1000 can be used as a counter. It offers a relaxed working height and an optional 400 mm deep countertop is enough space to display advertising materials or to be used as a writing pad.

Use for promotional purposes and at trade fairs, the counter serves as a central point of entry and creates space for conversations and information exchange.


1,000 x 1,500 mm

The Pixlip GO Lightbox 1015 is the smallest available frame size without counter function. With a height of 1,500 mm it is particularly suitable as a classic customer stopper, which allows the first contact at the point of sale.

As a component of larger measuring stand architectures, it often serves as a visual or spatial separating element and loosens the overall picture visually.


1,000 x 2,000 mm

The Pixlip GO Lightbox 1020 is the most commonly used frame size within the GO range. With a height of 2,000 mm, it is the perfect size for customer interactions without adversely affecting the feeling of space.

Used mainly in the highly regulated trade fair sector, it offers the ideal measure to withstand the variable requirements and safety requirements.
Depending on the particular application, the frame can function as a free-standing display as well as a part of a larger stand architecture.


1,000 x 2,500 mm

With a height of 2,500 mm, the Pixlip GO Lightbox 1025 is currently the largest possible format in the GO range.

Over sized when compared to standard classic display sizes, this light box can easily be used as a standalone item and still command attention.

Use for exhibition, retail or reception areas the larger-scale design offers real impact.

Connect & Expand

The Pixlip GO system offers three different variants to combine several frames to form stable walls and complete display stands. The system groove within the profile of the frame serves as a central connection point for the inconspicuous connection elements.


Constant Height Wall

When the Pixlip GO system frames are the same hight they can be connected to make a stable wall with this connector.

The small plastic parts are simply pushed up and down into the respective system groove of the two frames so that they are exactly aligned with one another. The temporary connection is stable against external vibrations and can nevertheless be released easily and with a single handgrip.


Variable Height Wall

When the Pixlip GO system frames are of differing heights use the Step connector.

This allows the combination of two frames of different hight to create a stable presentation wall.

The small plastic element is pushed up and down into the respective system groove of the two frames, with the flexibly to adjust when needed .


180 ° Angle

The flexible Pixlip GO Flex connector allows the user to connect several equally high frames at an arbitrary angle. Not only are stable corner solutions created, angled presentation walls can be formed with this connector.

The unobtrusive plastic elements are simply pushed up and down on the respective corners of the frames, which need to be connected,the suspended hinge remains nearly invisible to the viewer.


Sealing Plug

With the Pixlip GO system sealing plug, any unused cable openings can be closed in the corners of any frame.

For this purpose, they are merely pressed into the recess in the interior of the frame and thus closing the frame against the light emitted by the LED modules.


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