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Create high impact illuminated branded, reconfigurable displays capable of adapting to any environment.

Combining tension graphics and precision–engineered aluminium frames, the FABFRAME Tension Fabric System is a modular display solution that adapts to your changing needs. Allowing for the insertion of bespoke graphics or branded visuals stretching across the surface of the frame. Leaving a clean high impact illuminated display that is unmissable.

Available in multiple depths, the Tension Fabric System can be tailored to meet your requirements and floor space and, it can even be used to create ceiling hung displays and with our wide range of mounting accessories it can even be used fro displaying merchandise.


Our new FABFRAME LIGHT WALL system adds a new dimension to almost any environment.



With Fabframe it is easy to build large backlit surfaces or super backlit structures that can be used for retail displays, Exhibition stands or for other architectural elements.

Thanks to our modular friendly profiles this stable aluminium framing system allows you quickly and easily realise light wall structures that can extend to a few hundred square meters of luminous space. Both, single-sided and double-sided light walls can be built that can be used to divide space, create rooms and even make work stations within office space.

Fabframe uses environmentally friendly LED light modules. Our light fixture system connectors allow fast an easy expansion across a number of frames and our addressable lighting solutions from our sister company Progress Lighting allow for digital light wall integration..

Fabframe systems are finished with special textiles that allow digital large format printing. This combination and the use of our extremely bright LED lighting ensures a brilliant high impact colour reproduction every time. With attachments from our wide range of accessories you can complete your light wall installation and even use it to display merchandise.

In our gallery you will find ample examples of how can use FABFRAME light wall. If you can't find what your looking for give us a call we can help you design your perfect FABFRAME light wall.


The new mobile roll up Light box system. Prefect for fast deployment of your marketing message at the point of sale or for pop-up events.

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