Project Description


A perfect combination, high resolution LED digital display panels and a modular lightweight aluminium frames, allowing you to discover a new world of creativity.

Pixel Blox is seamless integration of the two modular systems that offers you a quick and easy way to build totally unique immersive digital structures.

Combine digital and static display elements to make your perfect display system.

Designs Examples

Next Level LED Creative

Sustainability and reusability is at the heart of the Pixel Blox modular display system concept. The system has been developed with meticulous engineering to ensure the best quality results time and time again.

The cast aluminium frames and LED panel are lightweight, slim and easy to install in to your designs, (in fact the system features a tool-less locking system). The system retains the easy access approach for the removal of all elements for all the necessary maintenance.

Structures are strong enough to be free standing, if needed they can be combined to other structural elements for fixed installations or to trussing systems for temporary installs.

Branding 100%
Multimedia 100%
Digital 100%
WOW 100%


With quick, toolless installation and a vibrant visual experience, Pixel Blox offers you a new world for your digital delivery.

With a unique LED panel dimensions of 496mm x 496mm x 55mm, (19.53” x 19.53” x 2.17”) gives you a flush integration into the standard Fab Frame system providing you with pin-sharp, vivid images, ensured by the fine pixel pitch LED panels. Panels are available in 2.5mm and 2.8mm pixel pitch options.

Aside from its excellent image quality the system  is extremely user-friendly. Various practical tools were incorporated into the design to provide effortless installation and maintenance. Ergonomic Easy Grip handles assure easy placement of the tiles, magnetic alignment and efficient positioning pins guide them instantly into the right position. The innovative, toolless quick Lock system guarantees a secure fit. With front and rear accessibility allows you to smoothly interchange the 4 LED modules and the power box with ease

Boost your visual brand presence by blending all the elements to build your perfect design. Build digital walls,  ceilings and  floors  for a fully immersive experience. Or  include  our curved LED panels with concave and convex, (5°, 7.5°, 10°)  construction to bring your creative ideas to life.